A New Way to Play

Taking the popular board game Otrio and making it into an online sensation. Note: the demo will work on any mobile device and desktop browser. How to Play

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Three same-sized pieces: big, medium or small
Three pieces in ascending or descending order
Three concentric pieces in the same space

Otrio Online!

Technology is advancing so fast that the demand for online entertainment is increasing dramatically. Creating unique experiences for users is becoming an industry standard to maintain user engagement.

Gorgeous Design


Fully Responsive

Mobile Friendly

What The People are Saying Already

Don't just take it from us, let the customers who have the board game do the talking!

Challenging tic tac toe with a twist. 

"This is an updated version of a classic game for 2-4 people. Challenging, creative, well crafted and can be played in a relatively short period of time. It gets your brain clicking as you strategize the moves your opponents can make, versus where to place your own pieces. Great for kids and adults. Played it at a friends house, then bought it ourselves to share with family at our holiday celebrations. Will definitely give it as a gift."

Instant Classic

"I bought this when it first came out. It's an instant classic that is fun and challenging for just about all ages. My family and friends love Otrio! My mom and niece are teachers, their kids love to play it in the classroom."

Fantastic Family Game

"Our family loves this game. We play with a 4 and 6 year old who enjoy it to although they struggle with the strategy side it is a great game for their development. I have now given it as a birthday gift (6 year old boy) and that family loves it too! Quick moving, easy set up and beautifully manufactured board with sturdy plastic pieces. Only minor negative is it is larger than other games if storage is a concern that might be something to consider."

Don't be Shy

Try the game out for yourself!
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