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Taking Esports and Games to the Next Level

Asteri Networks is a fast growing company that develops innovative products for the games industry. We use data science to provide better products for our customers in games and eSports to drive product success.

A Snapshot of Our Many Customers

Asteri LiveStream

Real Viewers, Advanced Analytics for Esports

Asteri LiveStream delivers millions of new viewers to eSports events, representing some of the top brands in the entertainment world. Our reporting analytics and details are far ahead of others in the eSports industry.

Now serving customers in the Environmental and Social Governance markets. 

Game Studio

Rapid Game Development, Data-Driven Game Engine

Our games are developed using a data-driven methodology throughout the entire lifecycle of the product – from initial concept through live operations. This is proven to significantly reduce risk and increase success.

Our metrics-based universal game engine supports any platform, any genre, at any scale.

Drill Dash

Drill through the world collecting power ups and treasure while avoiding obstacles and bad guys!

Gobsmax Galaxy Game

Launch your Gobs through mazes of tunnels and tubes to defeat the Dark Gobs.

Our Foundation

Data Science Driving Design And Development

Asteri Networks is built on custom Data Services that offer the most advanced technology and security. This highly scalable backend provides user behavioral and advanced analytics that power Asteri Livestream and Game Studio intelligence.

Our Data Services deliver detailed demographic and behavioral metrics, yet are completely anonymous.  We do not collect ANY personal identifiable information.

Who Are We


Founded in late 2018 and headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana, we are a diverse group of world class designers, developers and producers. Our profile preserves the family culture of our Louisiana roots, combined with Silicon Valley technology and Hollywood talent.

Asteri Booth At The PAX South Convention